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Antique German 16 bore Double Gun by Albrecht

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Maker: Albrecht Model: Double Caliber/Gauge: 16ga

Serial #1411, 16 Bore (2 5/8”), 30 11/16” barrels with good-very good bores that have some shallow dents and minor spots of dark freckling along their lengths. This is a nicely made gun that has blue mixing with a pleasant plum-brown “tiger-stripe” along their length down to the platinum bands at the breech which has some moderate surface scratches along the top of the left barrel where it meets the standing breech. The retailer name is marked along the matted rib: “H. ALBRECHT – EICHENBERG”. The back-action locks and frame are decorated with game vignettes depicting a hare, two grouse, a pointer, and a duck set against ivy scrollwork and geometric designs while the top tang retains some of the original bright color case-hardening. The remainder of the frame ranges from bright gray to freckled plum-brown, most noticeably on the trigger guard bow. The wedge-fastened walnut forend has an added varnish with several chips and blemishes along the outside edge and some further handling marks and bruises in the buttstock which has a rounded, continental cheek-piece. The large horn under-lever is intact and still locks firmly. This is an attractive German hammer gun with lots of condition and would make a very nice accent piece or decorator. Antique

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Item # 25495 - Antique German 16 bore Double Gun by Albrecht

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