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French Artillery Musketoon Model 1829 Percussion

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Maker: French Model: 1829 Caliber/Gauge: .70 cal

NSN, .70 caliber, 23 1/2" barrel with a fair, freckled and pitted bore with faint but discernible rifling. This percussion musketoon is Tulle marked and has the 1829 date on the barrel tang and 1862 date at the right side of the breech. The metal has an overall darkly mottled gray patina with streaks of dark plum - brown and mild surface freckling throughout. The rear sight has been removed and the screw holes filled while the brass furniture has a dull ochre patina throughout with small impact marks and freckling along the surface. The French walnut stock has been refinished to fine shape with a few minor handling marks and blemishes on the otherwise smooth surface. The wooden stock disk has been removed and replaced with a domed wooden rivet and the outline of a French military cartouche can still be seen on the right side of the butt. The ramrod is no longer present and the action is fully functional although the notches are a bit worn. This is an attractive French musketoon and would make a nice addition to any collection. Antique

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Item # 23103 - French Artillery Musketoon Model 1829 Percussion

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