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18th Century Walloon Style Horseman Sword

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Maker: European Model: Sword

This is a long horseman's sword built in the style favored by the Low Countries during the mid-18th century. It measures 43 1/8” overall with a 36 1/2” straight, double-edged blade having very shallow central fullers. The iron has an overall mottled gray-black patina throughout with distinct layering now visible along the blade and traces of the central fullers still barely visible at the forte and along the tapered ricasso. Additionally, there is a very small and faint collection or inventory number added to the ricasso obverse. The iron hilt has a single forward swept quillon, perforated iron counterguard with thumb loop, knucklebow, and second branch at 90 degrees secured at the pommel by a more modern slot-head screw (originally there would have been a rivet). The tapered grip has a slightly loose, but intact, braided wire wrap and ends in an urn-shaped pommel with exposed capstan rivet. Swords similar to this pattern were used in North America during both the French and Indian War, as well as the Revolutionary War. This is a particularly nice example and is in very good plus condition. {Ref. “Swords & Blades of the American Revolution” by George C. Neumann; 1973}

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Item # 17261 - 18th Century Walloon Style Horseman Sword

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